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Seaside saunas and the hot tub

Saunas and the hot tub

Saunas and in Finland are mostly located by the sea, in some distance from villas and each other. The Hot Tub is located on the trailer and you can order it next to the Holm Sauna, your Villa or a cottage.

For a Finn, a sauna is a church, a pharmacy, a spa and a youth center, says Juha Nirkko, an archivist at the Finnish Literature Society.

Whether you are enjoying a family holiday or a fishing trip, the evening is of course crowned by a sauna. If you have already had sauna at your own villa, you can also choose a suitable rental sauna for your company just for variation.

The sauna of the party and meeting building can comfortably accommodate up to 15 persons and can be used only from spring to autumn. You can spend time on the spacious terrace of the sauna, either grilling or just cooling off and admiring the sunset.

The sauna’s electric heater HUUM offers a unique sauna experience that combines a thousand-year-old traditions with modern Nordic design. You can swim at the end of the arch bridge and you can also get out directly from the steam room. Both washrooms in the sauna were thoroughly renovated in 2020.

The building has a auxiliary kitchen, a lounge, a sauna, dressing and shower rooms for both women and men. To cater for guests, we offer a catering service upon prior order.

You can rent the whole building either the party and meeting room or the sauna separately.

Sauna rent for 3 hours Sun-Wed 200€, Tho-Sat 300€

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Seaside sauna Holm

In the spring of 2021, the seaside sauna Holm was built in the immediate vicinity of the sea, with space for up to eight people. If you are staying in a villa, then the whole group can be accommodated in the sauna and if the cottages can accommodate a group of two cottages.

The villas also have their own sauna, but the cottages do not. There is also a spacious terrace with a canopy, a fridge and a gas grill. From the Holm Sauna, you can get to the swimming pier along the boardwalk.

Sauna rent for 3 hours Sun-Wed 200€, Tho-Sat 300€

Hot tub on the wheels

Hot tub of six people 1.5 meters in diameter is located on the trailer and you can order it next to the Holm Sauna, your Villa or a cottage. During the winter, the Hot Tub can be used only together with Holm sauna.

Rent of hot tube for one day costs 200€, for two days 300€.

Rate includes filling and firewood. It might take up to three hours to heat it up.

Saunas and the hot tub in Finland are must!

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