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Fishing in Finnish Archipelago

Rent a motorboat for two full days and enjoy a 20% discount!

Use of the rowing boat is only 0,10€/day!

Fishing in Finland

Fishing in Finland, in the Turku archipelago takes you away from everyday life and at the same time offers both a captivating pastime and the opportunity to enjoy nature. The Archipelago Sea is a dream destination for everyone who enjoys aquatic nature as it is and here the extreme conditions of nature will meet.

The Archipelago Sea is Europe’s largest and the world’s most beautiful very popular fishing area, good tips for fishing can also be found on the Fisheries Federation’s website FishingInFinland.

Fishing can be well combined with a family vacation or other togetherness – boating, cycling, horseback riding and of course sauna. There are 8 villas and 7 summer cottages available.

Boat rental

A boat rental is available for staying guests only. We have our own marina and you are welcome to take your boat with you. We have a concrete ramp next to the dock (Dock fee is 30€ per boat per stay, includes use of electric socket). The rental boats include four larger Tuna (422cc aluminum, GPS, echo sounder, engine 20 hp Mercury): Full day rent 265€, half a day 160€(CASH deposit 200€) and four smaller Kasse 430 (plastic, engine 4 hp Mercury): Full day rent 140€, half a day 85€(CASH deposit 100€) . In addition, there are six more rowing boats at your disposal: 0,10€/day! All boats are bookable together with accommodation only, just follow instructions at the booking engine.

Full day: 8AM-8PM, half a day 8AM-1PM or 3AM-8PM

Motorboat’s rental price includes 10 or 5 liters of fuel respectively.

The Tuna motorboat has four seats, but it can safely accommodate two active fishermen. And the rest two can follow for an action.

Due to the demanding rocky seabed, the motorboats are intended for use by experienced boaters.

Check out the motorboat rental agreement and cash deposit rules

To make fishing in the archipelago effortless, you should familiarize yourself with local fishing rules.

P.S. A hint for spring. A good source to find out ice conditions is COPERNICUS. It should open in right location, if not, add address into search Koivulantie 198, 23450 Uusikaupunki, Finland.

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Fishing in Finnish Archipelago

The main fish that can be caught is pike, but there are also perch, pikeperch, whitefish, bream, and salmon. The archipelago sea is one of the best perch areas in Finland, and perch of 300–500 grams are quite common, and there will be bigger ones. An ordinary pike perch weighs less than a kilogram, but the best places have the option of even a multi-kilos pike.

In the spring, after the ice leaves, an interesting form of trapping is whitefish angling from the archipelago’s strait and sandy bottoms.

After successful fishing, the catch can be cleaned on the cleaning tables in the marina and grill shelter. In the grill shelter of the Holiday Village there are two smoke ovens with wood chips and one LPG grill. You can find a ceramic Kamado Joe grill waiting for you on the terrace of every Villa. The evening will be crowned by a decent steam of sauna, of course!

Fishing license in Finland or FISHERIES MANAGEMENT FEE

According to the laws of the Republic of Finland, the nationally established fishing permission must have been bought before fishing, but it’s easy to do. To pay the fishing fee, just press the button below and on the website of “Eräluvat-kauppa“ you will find three fishing fee options: fishing permission for a day, a week or a year. Payments can be made via a bank link or by card.

Payment of the fee