Wedding venue in Finland_Barn in Merikoivula

Stylish BARN for weddings

Not for winter use 06.11.-20.04.

Party should have a style!

Wedding venue in Archipealago – traditional BARN!

On the upper floor of a storage and stable building from the 60s, located at the entrance to Merikoivula, you can find a stylish and spacious barn, where time seems to have stopped. The original sturdy wooden floor will probably last as long as it has seen so far. The walls and ceiling are decorated in an island spirit with old-fashioned fishing nets and net marks. A rather antique kayak frame rests on the poles of the roof chairs. There are two entrances, one on the other side of the house. One is equipped with a ramp and on the other side there are stairs and a cooling terrace.

Meeting or party catering is handled by our catering partner by prior order. The price of the menu is always prepared based on the number of people and the schedule.

In total, the Holiday Village can accommodate up to 100 people. During the 2020, 7 cozy and luxurious Villas were completed and original Villa Holm 1, had a total makeover. Cottage Holm 2 and 6 Summer cottages or campsites had some facelift as well.

Wedding venue band stage is 4×5 meters in size and the size of ​​the dance floor is 5,5×15 meters. There is enough height, no less than 3.4 meters, only one ceiling beam is 2.35 meters high. Around the dance floor, there is a 150 cm wide seating area, where you can find solid benches and tables for a total of at least 36 people. There are more places on the floor and therefore a total of 100 people can easily fit, the maximum number of people allowed into the space is 150 people.

Rental fee: Sun-Wed 400€/day, Thu-Sat 500€/day

Rates include VAT.

There is a nice gazebo with seaview on seaside rock, which is suitable, for example, for wedding ceremonies.


You can hardly find many of kind this barn near Uusikaupunki or in the Finnish Archipelago.

Wedding venue in Archipelago – it should be a BARN!

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