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There is many things to do in Finland! It can be just having sauna and fishing, but in Merikoivula we have also created good opportunities for sports and gathered here numerous tips on various opportunities and activities for exploring nearby.


We have two freshly Set & Match acrylic-coated tennis courts surrounded by a fence. In addition a football and volleyball court, children’s playgrounds, and a power court. In the shed on the edge of the playgrounds, you will find everything you need – tennis rackets, various balls, and other sports equipment.

Use of the playgrounds and equipment is free for guests of the Holiday Village, we just ask you to return everything back to it’s place.

Cities in a 1 hour distance

Uusikaupunki is 17 kilometers away by car, you can find the map of the city HERE and the VisitUusikaupunki travel websites can be found HERE.

The distance to Turku is 65 kilometers, you can find the city map HERE and the VisitTurku travel websites can be found HERE.

The distance to Rauma is 64 kilometers, you can find the city map HERE and the VisitRauma travel websites can be found HERE.




  • Welcome to enjoy great concerts and a maritime environment with your friends! Crusell Music Week will be organized again on July 22-28, 2024
  • On the island in front of the old town of Naantali you will find Moominworld, based on the world-famous stories of Tove Jansson. There you can step into a fairy tale and meet all the familiar and lovely Moomin’s characters and visit Moomin’s Valley from Moomin’s House to Niisku’s Inventory Park. Thanks for photos: ©Moomin Characters™ Theme park by Dennis Livson.
  • Old Rauma was selected for UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 1991 as a unique example of a living and well-maintained old Nordic wooden town. See more on the VisitRauma tourism website
  • Horseback riding: Kantolan Ratsutalli & Ratsuvalmennus Anu Teinilä offers a variety of enjoyment for both riders and horses in the embrace of the Archipelago Sea, in peaceful landscapes. The services of the riding stable include a full-service horse care service and obstacle, school and cross-country riding lessons with either your own or a stable horse. The stable is large and the riding arena is spacious; in them the presence and care of horses and riding goes smoothly. Teaching always emphasizes mutual cooperation, light help, and a balanced seating. Individual lessons is given according to your wishes and starting point.
  • Uusikaupunki Golf is a nautical-minded field that is a combination of park – like and scenic forest paths. The varied terrain offers suitable challenges for players of all levels. There is an elegant restaurant in the clubhouse and sauna and conference facilities are available upstairs.
  • Uusikaupunki ski tunnel from October to April and at other times you get to enjoy the possibilities of the fitness tunnel. Activities in Finland are pure fun!
  • Uusikaupunki restaurants and cafés on the riverbank can be accessed directly by boat from the wharf.
  • For disc golfers there are some options, Lokalahti disc golf course and 21-lane and very demanding competition level disc golf course Green Disc Golf 
  • The Archipelago’s Trail (14.05-29.08.) is full of things to see, touch and do! It offers a unique opportunity to explore the Turku archipelago. Take a car or bus, cycle or hike – choice is yours! Photos: Juho Kuva/Visit Parainen
  • To Kustavi restaurants and cafes like Peterzens, you can get directly to the wharf by boat or by car. Vartsalan island you can access taking a ferry.
  • Uusikaupunki Car Museum is Finland’s most significant car museum. Due to its versatility, it is the city’s most popular year-round destination.
  • See more and find time-spending tips on the VisitUusikaupunki travel pages!

There are for sure a lot more things to do in Finland! See more at VisitFinland!