Fishing in Finland Merikoivula

Guided fishing in Finnish Archipelago

Are you looking for a guided fishing in Finland, trip with a group of friends or perhaps a recreational fishing weekend with work team?

Welcome to Turku and Uusikaupunki Archipelago!

A guided fishing trip takes you out of everyday life and is a fun and refreshing pastime, for example as an addition to business events or just for your family trip. When a fishing guide is watching, it is not necessary to have previous fishing experience, the guide also comes with fishing equipment.

Fishing guide of the year 2021, a brand ambassador of Buster fishing boats Jani Ollikainen arranges tailor-made fishing trips in and offers fishing guide services in Turku and Uusikaupunki Archipelago.

Jani’s Buster XXL home marina is Merimasku, located in the middle of Archipelago. It’s easy to go for a fishing trip from Naantali to Taivassalo, Kustavi, Rymättylä or around tai Uudenkaupunki. A boat takes 4 fishermen and if more, another boats will be added.

Fishing Package

Two nights at Villa with breakfast

One-day guided fishing in Archipelago

Two-way transfer from Turku Airport

For 1-4 fishermen 2697€

For 5-8 fishermen 3597€

Jani Ollikainen

Fishing guide

Tel. +358 45 126 9334

Email jani@buster.fish