Passenger Card

According to the law, the cottage owner is responsible for collecting and storing passenger reports. You can download it here and print along for the trip or save with your name and email us info@merikoivula.fi

What information is requested on the form?

Passenger fills:

1) The passenger’s full name and Finnish personal identity number. In the case of a foreigner,
indicate date of birth and nationality.
2) Full names of the spouse and minor children accompanying the passenger and
Finnish personal identity numbers or, in their absence, dates of birth
3) Passenger’s address;
4) Country from which the passenger arrives in Finland (if arriving from abroad)
5) Passenger’s travel document number (if arriving from outside the Nordic countries)
6) Passenger’s Arrival Date and Departure Date, if known.
7) Signature

Note! When the passenger is a foreigner, his or her identity must be verified at the time of stay from the travel document or in another reliable manner.



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